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Our news page covers a plethora of topics ranging from local politics and business to entertainment and culture. Allow us to give you a sneak peek into some of the different categories of news you'll discover here:

Politics: As the capital city of Mississippi, Jackson is a vital hub for state politics. On our politics page, you'll find the latest updates on local elections, legislative developments, and other newsworthy information related to the city's government. We have our ear to the ground and bring you the freshest news from the city council, mayor's office, and other important local government bodies.

Business: Jackson is home to a flourishing business community with companies from all industries and sizes. Our business news section covers everything from significant corporate announcements to small business profiles. Whether you're interested in the latest economic trends or looking for helpful tips to start your business in Jackson, you'll find it here.

Entertainment: Jackson is famous for its lively music scene, where blues, jazz, and gospel have deep roots. Our entertainment page features the latest news and events related to music, theater, and other forms of live performance in Jackson. We also cover film screenings, art exhibitions, and other cultural events happening in and around the city.

Sports: Jackson is the proud home of several renowned sports teams, including the Mississippi Braves minor league baseball team and the Jackson State University football team. Our sports page covers all the latest news and scores from these teams, as well as updates on other local sports leagues and events.

Education: Jackson is home to several colleges and universities, including Jackson State University, Millsaps College, and Belhaven University. Our education news section covers everything from campus events to groundbreaking research happening at these institutions. We also cover local K-12 schools, including news related to student achievement and school policy.

Health: Our health news section covers everything related to healthcare in Jackson, from new medical research to updates on local hospitals and clinics. We also cover public health issues and initiatives aimed at improving the health and wellness of Jackson residents.

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